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gbk (sign sign sign!!!!!)

yoo sang chul(!!)
seol ki hyeon
lee chun soo
hwang sun hong
ahn jung hwan(!!)
park ji sung

world cup pics

hey. haven't written in a long while. deciding to make a webpage. just when to prav's page. its N-I-C-E nice. esp the building thing. well. keep it up. tho its always been nice. haha.

time passes by so fast. where did i spend it? i have lots of homework to do. crap. haven't started yet. shall start soon. i hope.

after the hols, it seems like something changed. haven't really figured it out yet. but yea. 1 month changes many things doesn't it?

virn went to sentosa last monday and she saw JAP guys. and gals. why i didn't go leh? haha. well. i'm not so despo. :P

was reading nartz' astrology book. hmm. i'm a romantic. thats true. haha. not many romantics left i think. guys esp. we were thinking abt how s'porean guys would propose: lets go apply for hdb flat. haha. when some others would go like: my heart beats for u(her hand over his heart).can't live without u(holds her hand in his). would u marry me?(on bended knees).. i think in my dreams lar. hahahahaha

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yay!! i bought the eminem cd! yay! haha.
haven't written fer a long long time. well. i think i'm gonna be murdered by sushi-pig tmr. cos i didn't let her see the class page on saturday. not my fault i can't find her right. all do properly liaos den she not in the staff room. angrify me only. the chinese oral kinda really sucked. altho it wasn't that hard. but my finders went freezing cold. cos thats wad happen when i'm scared. even if i'm in the scorching sun. listenin compre was quite easy. went to novena sq on sunday with virn.karin.xinwei and their friends. walked around with my tummy growling cos we were waiting for the lunch to start.. haha.
went to the airport last night for dinner. celebrate my mummy's bday. well. ALL the swensons'(there's 2 btw) all had queues going all the way round the globe k. goodness. we ended up in some cute place. the food was quite good. altho i don't think is was cold enough.. hehe. the airport itself was freezing. my sista and i went to some perfume store. then she sprayed some cologne for me to smell(her ex's cologne :x) then was playing with her digital cam and it ran out of BATT!! i was so sad. then at home got 0 AA batteries. only got AAA and those big ones. haha.
my sis would be moving out to some apartment closer to NUS. she'll be housing with her bestest fren. so fun leh. haha. altho it'll be so far away from real home. :)

went to bugis with carmelita and josephine today. then we saw the hongkong actress(forgot her name).and she's like SUPER PRETTY and TALL! she looks like super good real life. :) pretty lady. and allan wu. didn't know wether they were speaking mandarin or cantonese know? cos it seemed allan wu was speaking mandarin and the hk actress was speaking cantonese. haha. guess they'll dub over their voices. xP

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my songs can make you cry
take you by surprise at the same time
can make you dry your eyes with the same rhyme
see what you're seein' is a genius at work
which to me isn't work
so it's easy to misinterpret it at first
cus when i speak
it's tongue-in-cheek
i'd yank my fuckin' teeth before I'd ever bite my tongue
i'd slice my gums
get struck by fuckin' lightning twice at once and die and
come back as vanilla ice's son
and walk around the rest of my life spit on
and kicked and hit with shit everytime i sung
like r. kelly as soon as "bump and grind" comes on.
more pain inside of my brain than the eyes of a little girl
inside of a plane aimed at the world trade, standin' on ronnie's grave
screamin' at the sky, till clouds gather,
it's clyde mathers and bonnie jade
and that's pretty much the gist of it
the parents are pissed but the kids love it.
9 millimeter heater stashed in 2 seaters with meat cleavers
i don't blame you
i wouldn't let hailie listen to me neither...

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ilhan mansiz!!!ilhan mansiz!!!ilhan mansiz!!!!

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whoa... it was so exciting.. during the second half only. i was almost bored to tears during the first half. i almost had indigestion cos i just took my last bite of my dinner and then RONALDO scored his first goal. haha. well. i think kahn is very sad. i think he's super duper good. but i like ronaldo better. :) i'm biased. so what. :P haha. muack!

the world cup rawks!! hee.

Brazil's captain Cafu kisses the trophy after defeating Germany in the World Cup final in Yokohama June 30, 2002. Brazil won a record fifth World Cup on Sunday when Ronaldo erased the memory of his 1998 final nightmare by scoring both goals in a 2-0 victory over Germany. REUTERS/Ian Waldie

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its the fifa world cup finals!!!! brazil vs germany.. i'm all for BRAZIL!! :)

it was the 3rd/4th placing yesterday.south korea vs turkey. turkey got 3rd.and so korea got 4th.there was the fastest goal in the world cup history. within 11 secs!! can u believe it? gosh. amazing. and u noe wad.. it was by hakan sukar lor. turkey cans?!? anyway. if u dunno yet. I LOVE ILHAN MANSIZ(17) from TURKEY. he scored 2 yesterday.. grr! but nvm. its just a game isn't it.. :) must be sporting.. hee!

school's first week. nothing much. just having a hard time waking up. hee. shall update later. the match is re-starting after the break. brazil better score now!

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korea lost. its ok. to me that is. they made it so far after all. love them still. will for a long time. now go beat the next team for the 3rd placing korea! :)

being optomestic is good.. imagine. if this is the first year korea won a match. got into the next 16th.8th.4th. and now going to fight for the third place. isn't that a good enough achievement? to me that is VERY good already. no use shedding tears. feel victorious. asia/korea:u made it.

we live for love united.we will give for love united.for moments like this.for all those we miss. we will live for love united.come together undivided.we will stand up for all the people of the world.

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the entries are archived. sucks. didn't know it worked this way. hmm. shall add links for my korea now. ta!

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i scanned this in.. then changed it.. :)
my LOVER!!! NAKATA!                                                            my most gorgeous pic of nakata!!! love him like totally!

can nakata get any cuter? gosh.